Florence van Cutsem, 3, Zalie Warren, 2 and Markle’sby adminon.Florence van Cutsem, 3, Zalie Warren, 2 and Markle’sNow, it just an investigation into some allegations, that all, Chief County Detective Eric Kerchner said this week. He said the goal is get an overall view of what been happening in the past. County Coroner Bob Allen, a Republican who has held the job for 25 years, insists the descriptions of an office spinning […]

Now, it just an investigation into some allegations, that all, Chief County Detective Eric Kerchner said this week. He said the goal is get an overall view of what been happening in the past. County Coroner Bob Allen, a Republican who has held the job for 25 years, insists the descriptions of an office spinning out of control are false, false allegations timed to hurt his chances at re election in November..

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